Devinci Announces 2019 National Athletes & Ambassadors


Once again, Devinci has the privilege to support amazing athletes in their quest to reach the top step in their country and beyond. We also find our inspiration through the amazing adventures, videos, projects and/or other crazy ideas our ambassadors have for us. With such a crew – fun never ends! Now that the racing season has finally started, here is what they have in mind for 2019. 

Georgia Astle – Canada

I am over the moon to have support from Devinci this year. It’s a nice bonus that they’re a Canadian company. Both ends of the country can relate how snowed in our home trails are at the moment. 
So my trip to Crankworx New Zealand will be my debut to my new Spartan, and Wilson. The excitement is real!

What’s ahead in 2019
After a year off from travelling overseas, I’m looking forward to heading to a couple of big races this season. My Mom mentioned a girls trip to Scotland that she was planning, it happened to be the first weekend in June. My eyes lit up and I convinced her to go for a little Fort Bill detour with me for the World cup. I’ll go to some Canada Cup downhills and Enduros. Whistler Crankworx of course. Then my end goal is Mont-Sainte-Anne for World Champs. Racing is great because it pushes my riding in ways I wouldn’t be able to on my own. But that feeling at the bottom of a trail with your buds is unbeatable. So good to have the best of both.

Camille Balanche – Switzerland

Last year, I had such a great time in Queenstown, New Zealand for the start of the season. Plus 
my first ever DH race in Lousã, for the European championship where I end up 3rd, that was just amazing! Considering I started to bike 4 year ago, it’s not too bad right? I was playing ice hockey for more than 10 years and I was looking for a new challenge. I definitely found it. 

What’s ahead in 2019
I’m gonna focus on all the downhill World Cup, the European championship, compete at two Crankworx and 1 or 2 IXS cup. 

Kenny Smith – Canada

Last year with the support from Devinci, I was able to put together an incredible 9-day adventure through the Chilcotin mountains. I cannot wait for the story to come to fruition and be available for you guys to see this crazy backcountry odyssey.

What’s ahead in 2019
This year I will be focusing on another epic adventure deep into another remote yet less explored area of northern British Columbia! I still love my time on the bike. In fact, I want to spend more “DAYS” on the bike.

Philippe Ricard – Canada

My best trip of 2018 was definitely Crankworx Whistler. It was a last minute decision, and my plane ticket was funded by selling bike parts. Being on a hell of a budget, I slept for the entire week of Crankworx on the plywood floor of a house in construction in White Gold. I rode so many laps in two weeks my hands were bleeding in my gloves, it was the best time! 

What’s ahead in 2019
I will be focusing on the races leading up to the MSA Worlds. That means the Tremblant Canada Cup, Fernie Canada Cup, National Champs, and a few races in the states. I will also work on an DH edit, and a few smaller ones, trail bike, DH and lifestyle. Oh – and I am the official mecano of Damien Oton and Keegan Wright from Unior Devinci Factory Racing!

Matt Beer – Canada

2018 highlights… Where to start? There were some new bikes and some new challenges for me; while filming for the Dirt Diaries video contest, I took down some widow maker lines, landed a spot on the podium at Nationals amongst the current crop of young guns, but the icing on the cake had to the be “The Season Send-Off”, hosted by the Free Radicals on Mount Prevost. 

Normally, one would take a full face helmet and a downhill bike to the infamous Prevost, however, these guys bounce to a different tune. Actually, they will bounce to any tune at any party! The dirt was heavenly, the weather was sunny, but the October morning air had a soft bite. Winter was encroaching. All cards were on the table. The cameras were out, but the race tape was gone. Surely, none of the EWS regulars would push each other to go race speed, huck everything in sight, or throw down dirt jump tricks – don’t to hit the dropper post remote mid-air! It was like a scene from Peter Pan and the Lost Boys; berms were annihilated, doubles were cased, boxes of beer were consumed, cut blocks were pillaged for bonfires, and miraculously, everyone lived! I can’t imagine that weekend ever being duplicated.

What’s ahead in 2019
There are some very unique projects and race plans on the agenda for 2019… Frankenstein bike experiments, capturing the raw beauty of the east coast trail I grew up riding, Masters DH World Champs and maybe even an E-bike battery cache traverse!

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