Kellys Factory Team Announces Roster for 2019 DH Season

PRESS RELEASE: Kellys Factory Team

Winter is in full swing, which means that it’s a perfect time for summing up the past 2018 season. Therefore, Kellys Factory Team members gathered up in Kellys Bikepark Kálnica to summarise and look back at the successful 2018 season, while also preparing a racing calendar for the upcoming season.

In the morning we summarised the past and talk about the future. Around the midday, we took our gear and jump onto our bikes to shred a little. There is no better way for bikers to know each other better, right?


A new year brings a completely fresh start for the whole team, especially as we decided to focus our resources and support just on three elite riders – Rastislav BaránekStanislav Sehnal and one new talented rider. Therefore, we are thrilled to officially announce Kellys Factory Team’s newest addition of Adam Rojček, current Slovak National Champion. 

Adam Rojček

Despite his young age, he proved himself as one of the most consistent and successful riders in Slovakia for the past few years, earning him overall Slovak National Champion three years in a row (2016, 2017 and 2018 ).

Adam’s 2018 season highlights:
1st place overall in Slovakian Cup 2018
6th place overall in European DH Cup 2018
5thplace European Cup Abetone (ITA) 2018

I ride bikes since the age of 4 when my dad realised that I’m too hyperactive, and he got me to BMX racing, where I was racing ‘till I was 17 years old – and then it all went just downhill… I love every style of cycling – race, freeride, learn new tricks and many more. That’s mostly the main reason why I decided to join the team – I want to be free a bit, working on my projects and truly, just to try different things. Also, in 2019 season I will be wearing colours of Kellys Factory Team alongside Rasťo Baránek and Stanislav Sehnal. Some people think we are rivals, but in my opinion, we’re really good friends that are motivating and kicking each other’s asses sometimes (in results only of course!). I’m pretty excited to share the same jersey with these guys!—Adam Rojček

“I will ride Kellys Noid with 29-inch wheels, which is a significant change for me because I was not riding big wheels till now and I´m pretty excited about it.” – Adam Rojček.
Rastislav Baránek

Racing for more than 12 years, Rasťo is one of the most experienced KFT riders. This young talent has been part of Kellys Factory Team since the very beginnings, so we are glad that this cooperation will continue for the upcoming season even further, where he will try to improve his already great results even more, especially on Slovak Downhill Cup and Championship, and other prestigious European and National Events.

To be honest, the past season was quite tough for me. I’ve had relatively high expectations coming from the season before, where I had some great results, but this pressure I put on myself was not helpful. Speed was there, but somehow the most important races did not end up by my expectations. Anyway, I came through to whole season without any major injury, so that’s most important. To my surprise, a race I enjoyed the most was the Hungarian Downhill National Championship, where we were invited. Level of riding was really high, the crowd was huge, a great track with perfect weather and organisation on point. To top it all, I managed to win both of my runs. You can’t ask for more.—Rastislav Baránek

Rasťo’s 2018 season highlights:
1st – 2018 Hungarian Downhill National Championship
2nd – 2018 Slovak Downhill Championship
1st – 2018 Slovak Downhill Cup – Veľká Rača (SK)
1st – Slovak Downhill Cup – Kubínska Hoľa (SK)

Stanislav Sehnal

Sehny goes to his second season with Kellys Factory Team. He’s young but widely experienced elite rider that proved his talent and potential with some great results over the season on IXS Downhill Cup and we believe he will continue in his progress in the upcoming season as well. 

Sehnal’s 2018 season highlights:
3rd – 2018 IXS European Downhill Cup 
1st – 2018 IXS European Downhill Cup – Špičák (CZ)


After the successful testing during 2018 racing season, The Kellys Factory Team members will be riding KELLYS NOID 29 as the main racing bike, which is also now available to our customers as well. Newly improved geometry uses a full potential of 29-inch wheels, while still preserves playfulness and versatility. Thanks to the unique Kellys’ Think-Link Suspension System, adjustable Vario-Geometry System, top-of-the-line components provided by team’s partners and suspension fine-tuning made by JCBIKE.cz – our riders will have the opportunity to customise their set-up by their preferences on the way to gain top places on the podium. 

I rode on 29-inch wheels for the whole season already. It suits my riding style perfectly. When riding big wheels, I instantly become faster and gain more confidence, especially on rough sections. So, for me, it was quite an easy choice. The new bike is just great, and it’s not just my opinion – lots of other people tried it as well and share the same point of view. Suspension System, stiffness, design, just a huge step forward.—Rasťo Baránek

The main focus of the team remains on the downhill, but riders will also challenge their skills and endurance on longer tracks in a few enduro races as well, where the main choice will be slightly customised KELLYS SWAG 50. Think-Link Suspension System utilised also in SWAG, proved to be not only high-performance platform but also durable and versatile solution for enduro riders.


KFT could not make it through to whole busy racing schedule without tremendous and reliable support of our great sponsors, so we are delighted to work again with KLS, Novatec, Schwalbe, PRO, Shimano, KMC, KS, JC Bike and also pleased to welcome X-Force goggles, Amplifi and Feedback and to bring respectively clear vision, top-of-the-line protection and dependable service equipment. 


We are already excited about what the upcoming season will bring, as we managed to step forward not just on a personal side of the team, but also included some special races to our schedule. World Cups and IXC European Cups being a top priority, KTF riders will also have a chance to focus their efforts to achieve the best results at World Championships in Mont-Sainte-Anne, Canada and National Championships, as well as compete in other disciplines at many prestigious MTB events like Crankworks, Bikefest Kálnica and others. 

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