Megavalanche Reunion Island 2017

The 2017 edition of the Megavalanche Reunion Island is already expected as a great event for this worldwide famous MTB race, which ends the season on the crazy and sunny tracks of the Reunion Island, in the Indian Ocean since 1995.

Megavalanche reunion island

A MTB Race on the nicest tracks of the most beautiful Island in the Indian Ocean

The Downhill Marathon formula with its impressive Mass Start that made the Megavalanche famous since 1995 has been upgraded with a qualifying day based on an Enduro Race on Saturday, giving the 400 riders the opportunity to ride some of the best MTB spots of Saint Paul, Reunion Island.

Megavalanche R union 2016 PIC Andy Lloyd www.andylloyd.photography

A wide range of top pilots coming to had their name on the winner’s list

A lot of great MTB riders have positively answered to the organisers invitation, who are working hard with the city workers, the FFC and the local cycling committee to offer the best of the race. The competition level of this 23rd edition will surely be at his top with the participation of one of the best French riders, Loris Vergier (Santa Cruz Syndicate, 5th of the World Cup overall 2017). He will even give some advice to the young local riders during a riding session organised by the MTB committee directed by Olivier Lebeau. No doubt that all his fans will appreciate this action.

Megavalanche reunion island

For all that, the Megavalanche is a very specific race, in which versatility is the key to success. Therfore, Loris will have to stay focused all the way of the 20km of hard trails, from the Maido lava and the jungle to the sugar cane fields of the finish line if he wants to be first! Indeed,  Thomas Lapeyrie (5th at the Mega Alpe 2017) & Kilian Bron (Sunn), Cédric Gracia (Santa Cruz) or François Bailly-Maître ((Ibis) 2nd in Alpe d’Huez 2017, 3 times winner of the Transvésubienne and winner of the Mega reunion Island 2013) are also running for victory! All of them will also surely keep an eye on Jordan Sarrou (BH) which will try its first Megavalanche after a 5th position overall in the Cross Country World Cup 2017!

23.11.16. Megavalanche R union 2016 Pauline Ferrand-Pr vot - CANYON PIC Andy Lloyd www.andylloyd.photography

As every year, the top riders from la Réunion will also be ready to defend their land and give their best to the podium!

Megavalanche R union 2016 PIC Andy Lloyd www.andylloyd.photography

An international race open to every MTB lovers

The Saint Paul Megavalanche is also an amateurs race! All mountain bike lovers are more than welcome to enter this sports adventure and race this legend in a friendly atmosphere, as long as they are equipped with an adapted MTB and protections! After the qualifying, the international Mega is for the 100 best riders, the other will start in their own group as Challenger or Amateur.


E-Bikes welcome!

An E-Bike category is included in the Megavalanche, with a specific qualifying race and a proper start and category for the Sunday race.

23.11.16. Megavalanche R union 2016 Max Schumann - Carver Bikes PIC Andy Lloyd www.andylloyd.photography

This year is already a record in terms of riders coming from Europe especially for the race! 2017 will then be an amazing opportunity for them to discover all the treasures of the Island!

23.11.16. Megavalanche R union 2016 PIC Andy Lloyd www.andylloyd.photography

2nd & 3rd of december

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