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Sponsorship applications for the 2020 season are opened until Friday, January 10. Applications submitted outside of this timeframe will not be considered. For all potential riders interested in a sponsorship, we appreciate a PDF or DOC file emailed to our customer service ( sales@nightfoxdesigns.com ). Please include the following in this PDF: At least 2 images, one action shot and one head shot (or a team photo). Your top race results (podiums or wins). Your goals for the upcoming season. All your links like videos, Pinkbike, Facebook & Instagram profiles.

Our Factory Team

Max Märker

MTB Rider, Germany

Adrián González

MTB Rider, Ecuador

Elissaios Gouvis

MTB Rider, Greece

Joe Warkentin

MTB Rider, Germany

Luca Dransmann

MTB Rider, Germany

Robin Dolgos

MTB Rider, France