UK Enduro Governing Body is Formed

Enduro racing here in the UK has been on the up for many years now, so the introduction of a new ‘governing body’ was a very good idea. So ‘BEMBA’, the British Enduro Mountain Bike Association is born. Read the full press release below:

“The U.K’s key mountain bike enduro organisers recently met in Manchester to discuss the future of enduro events. This was the forth such meeting with all the organisers discussing several important matters on the agenda. This was a key meeting tying up the work of the past year resulting in a common rulebook based around the EWS/EMBA rules as well as event guidelines.
Without a national body for British Enduro this agreement will help ensure the long term future of Enduro. These meetings will continue be a regular occurrence and we welcome the attendance/inclusion of all organisers wishing to organise enduro events in the U.K.

The group has representatives from the Ard Rock, British Enduro Series, Manx MTB Enduro, Mini Enduro, NDH, PMBA Enduro Series, Scottish Enduro Series, South West Enduro Series, Southern Enduro Series, Tweedlove, UK Enduro Series, UKGE, Welsh Enduro Series, Welsh Gravity Enduro Series and with 3X World Enduro Champion Tracy Moseley submitting thoughts in advance. The Chairman was Alastair Mackinlay.

The group has come together under the name “BEMBA” British Enduro Mountain Bike Association and seeing the BEMBA logo on events we hope will give racers confidence they are entering an event that is professionally run and with high regard to rider safety.

This cooperation will really benefit riders, and while the guidelines still allow for the versatility of the Enduro format racers should see similar philosophies on taping, signage, as well as marshal & medical cover at events.

Look out for further information coming soon.”

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