Why Choose Nightfox?

As a member of the Nightfox team, you will be challenged to do even better. To improve your professional abilities while also becoming a stronger individual. We all have a great desire to make a difference, to develop products that increase our customers’ self-esteem and make them faster and stronger – the greatest version of themselves. That is also what we want everyone of our team members to be – their greatest versions. We both inspire and are motivated by one another. We work hard and have a good time together and we are committed to constantly achieving our aim.

Winning Attitude

We aspire high in order to achieve high. Winning is in our blood, and we will never accept defeat. We intend to triumph if we are alone. If we are part of a team, we want to win for them. We never give up and never lose faith in our ability to win.


In our never-ending rush onward, energy practically erupts off our bodies. We do it because we enjoy it, not because someone forces us to. Riding bikes is the source of our adrenaline and passion, and our hearts guide us. We are motivated by a strong desire to succeed in anything we undertake.

Are you one of us?

When we have openings, we search for team players that are passionate about racing, bike clothing, and design. Are very ambitious and show promise for leadership. Based on the Nightfox brand’s beliefs, lead an active lifestyle. Are well-organized communicators, fluent English speakers, and creative thinkers with an open mind.

Free application

At the moment we have no positions to offer you, you can always fill out the form and tell us about your work experience and send us a link of your CV and LinkedIn profile. All information is treated confidentially.

Our Mission

We motivate individuals to be more by believing that extreme sports can transform our brains, spirits, and bodies into something greater than they are now, and that anybody can become anything. To service each rider uniquely and fully — throughout the countries where we do business. In order to bring us closer to our customers, we enable our employees to reach their full potential, and develop game-changing ideas for riders, we try to encourage inclusivity and embrace